Chapter 321: Increasing the Gap

Chapter 321: Increasing the Gap

Somewhere atop the valley floor of Fallen Shadow Valley, two teams of the Doa Kingdom faced each other in a standstill.

Two fallen Evil Dragon Followers lay on the ground between them, right in the middle. In the hands of one of the Evil Dragon Followers was a tooth shaped yellow gemstone.

But right at this moment, the members of both teams widened their eyes in surprise.

“Are those two not Ayrin and Rinloran from Holy Dawn Academy? And Stingham?”

“It is them! I’ve saw them at the tournament in Eichemalar. They… are running over from the direction of the Abyss of Evil? Could it be that they entered the Abyss of Evil with their strength?”

Indeed, Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham’s swiftly moving figures had abruptly appeared before them.

“What are those three youths doing?”

“Why are they running so hard, even out here?”

“Aren’t these three fellows’ expressions a little too overexaggerated?”

“This group of youths were the most erratic and quirky bunch within...

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