Chapter 320: Charging Forth Towards Wealth and Riches!

Chapter 320: Charging Forth Towards Wealth and Riches!

“I’ll give you guys half an hour for rest,” Liszt said towards Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran.

“Teacher Liszt, did I hear you wrong?!” Stingham wailed miserably. He cried, “The war still hasn’t completely ended! There are still many other teams fighting out there! How can we arrange for training at a time like this? It’s illogical!”

“It’s because the war hasn’t completely ended that we are doing this. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to,” Liszt lazily grinned, “This period of time is most valuable for us.”

“What do you mean?” Stingham exclaimed. “What wouldn’t we be able to do? I don’t understand!”

“First, eat one of these pills and replenish your body’s strength. Afterwards, I will explain to you why this time is so precious for us,” Liszt responded as he took a small crystal bottle out from within one of his pockets.

There were several pills reminiscent of fruit within. These pills were slightly larger than soybeans and were perfectly round. They gleamed pink and jiggled as if they were full of water, making them look extremely ta...

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