Chapter 318: After the War

Chapter 318: After the War

“Stop worrying.”

At this moment, Minlur’s booming laugh sounded behind Carter as he patted Carter’s shoulder. Afterwards, he looked at Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran, and said, “We killed Dias and have secured the Abyss of Evil, and perhaps even the entire Fallen Shadow Valley. We should be happy right now. Also, if anything does come up in the future, look at those children, they will be able to take care of it.”

Carter’s brows slowly unfurrowed as he took a deep breath and forced himself to smile.

Minlur was correct. They should be happy at this moment. As for the future, these youths would perform even more spectacularly than they did today.

“Hey Stingham, you really looked cool out there today,” Carter sincerely shouted towards Stingham.

“Is that so? Haha, I have always been this handsome!” Stingham replied with a chuckle as he happily combed his hand through his hair.


Atop an altar within a still hidden away cavern stood a lofty man with an imposing aura and dim yellow pupils. His eyes were like a brewing storm as he watched the slowly dissipating dark purple smoke...

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