Chapter 316: Avenging Flame

Chapter 316: Avenging Flame

The little yellow dragon stuck its head out from Ayrin’s chest pocket, the pouch which Ayrin had given it still hanging around its neck.

Upon seeing Stingham and Rinloran curiously staring in its direction, it happily took out a dull yellow crystal from within the pouch and bit it.

“It actually!” Stingham’s eyes bulged in shock.


At of this moment, several Bloodcrazed had latched onto him. Stingham thunderously punched them, sending them flying away. His eyes, however, remained fixated on the little yellow dragon.

“What kind of crystal is this? It really stole it just in time. Dias and Ana were just about to use it to turn the tides.” An expression of shock and joy emerged on Rinloran’s face as he felt like laughing, but couldn’t.

“Where did you get this crystal from?!”

“Did you steal it from them?!”

Although slowest to react,...

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