Chapter 315: An Unexpected Problem

Chapter 315: An Unexpected Problem

“Such a strange energy…”

Ayrin trembled as he turned his head.

He felt an extremely strange sensation from Carter’s attack. Every released fluctuation of arcane energy seemed to contain a terrifying penetrative energy.

These arcane energy fluctuations all moved in the same direction and combined into a powerful cluster of energy which shot towards Dias.

Even the Bloodcrazed could feel just how terrifying this energy was as their movements slowed from hesitation.


Stingham’s mouth dropped wide open once more.

He watched as pale white flames emerged in the sky and descended towards Dias.

But these flames were generated from the friction created as the attack ripped through the sky.

The attack had long since already struck Dias.

As the wind and fire receded, Dias reappeared, only now, a blue spear covered in strange crimson and gold flames had pierced his chest.

“Holy Flames: Spear of Punishment!” Stingham...

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