Chapter 314: Sever, Angel of Horror

Chapter 314: Sever, Angel of Horror

Sacred Angel’s Domain!”

The faces of Carter and the others turned even frostier.

The powers wielded by the Evil Dragon Bishops were indeed enough for them to stand at the pinnacle of Doraster.

Sacred Angel’s Domain was one of the strongest defensive domains known atop Doraster. It was known for being able to repel all kinds of arcane energy, preventing many skills, and even domains, from penetrating within.


But to their complete surprise, Dias abruptly released a shrill scream of pain.

Above his head, the larger, shadowy replica of himself was clutching its head with both of its hands, its face twisting and contorting as if in pain. However, the strange smile remained on its face.

“Lotton’s skill is actually penetrating through Sacred...

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