Chapter 313: The Death God’s Laughter

Chapter 313: The Death God’s Laughter

Liszt, Carter, and Minlur’s gazes all gathered atop Dias and Ana in the center of the altar.

“Liszt? You all? You truly believe that they can hold off so many Bloodcrazed?” Berryn shouted as he sensed their gazes leaving the incoming onslaught of Bloodcrazed. His expression turned ugly.

“If you throw out a single Primordial Frost, I guarantee that these youths will be able to hold them off,” Liszt calmly responded as he threw Berryn a glance.

This wasn’t the first time Berryn and Liszt had fought side by side and experienced a battle of life and death. In the past, Berryn had never doubted Liszt’s words in battle, but this time, he couldn’t help but feel uncertain as he watched the Bloodcrazed charging towards him. Black lines emerged across...

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