Chapter 312: We Shall Protect You

Chapter 312: We Shall Protect You

Lotton remained silent.

But he did slowly raise his head in response, revealing his face which was masked by the aura of death, and his black eyes ringed with blackness.

“Vengeful Spirit! You turned into a vengeful spirit?!” Dias screamed as he subconsciously took a step back.

“Don’t attack him Teacher Liszt! He is someone fighting for our cause!” Ayrin shouted.

“Fighting for our cause? How did those youths get together with him?” Carter, Minlur, and the others were completely lost

“So this is how you managed to escape from Eichemalar, even without being able to recover from your injuries?” Liszt thought to himself as his gazed at Lotton, his eyes filled with complex emotions.

Considering the secret deal they had made back then, he naturally had no intention of attacking Lotton.


A ring of gray light erupted from Dias’ body, but nothing happened.

Dias expression was complex and unreadable as he spoke in a cold voice, “You have...

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