Chapter 311: Until We Meet Again, Ashur

Chapter 311: Until We Meet Again, Ashur


The tall armored man’s face remained emotionless as the air around him rumbled once more.

Waves of yellow arcane energy began rippling from his body and condensed around him to form numerous golden, palm sized metal shields whilst the ground beneath his feet shattered, sending clouds of dust and gravel into the air.

Eventually, there were over a hundred of these golden metal shields floating around him, making him seem impervious.


Carter’s body quivered as two nightmarish syllables rang out from his mouth.

“Invincible Human Shield Ashur?” Stingham cried out, his mouth hanging open in shock as he finally realized the gravity of the situation.

“It’s really Teacher Ashur, who was part of the Holy Dawn Evil Six. Just what skill has Dias subjected him to, to turn him into an existence like this…” Ayrin’s body began to tremble, not from fear, but from an unsubsiding anger. As he observed the man before him, his face...

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