Chapter 310: The Face Under the Mask

Chapter 310: The Face Under the Mask

“The Evil Dragon Follower with bloodred eyes is the Shaman Bishop Ana. We do not know the origins of the other one who is hidden under the armor.”

Ciaran’s face became strangely flushed red as he said, “Those four pillars are made of the bones of the Evil Dragon. They all have a strange sealing ability. This is why we haven’t charged. If we do, we will all be sealed within them”

“What? That fellow who seems even younger than us is actually one of the Evil Dragon bishops?!”

“Those four massive crystal spires are actually the bones of the Evil Dragon King?!”

Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham were all astonished.

“Then what shall we do?” Stingham asked frantically.

“Originally, the four dragon bones were constantly condensing arcane energy to produce particles of the Evil Dragon’s blood. But right now, their arcane energy...

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