Chapter 308: Glory of a Brave Warrior

Chapter 308: Glory of a Brave Warrior

“If this continues, the fragment of the Tree of Life won’t be able to keep up!”

Rinloran could feel his hands turning cold as ice.

The fragment of the Tree of Life was quickly exhausting its essence, but the onslaught of arcane energy continued and showed no signs of stopping.

The screaming around them slowly disappeared, until the battlefield became eerily silent. Due to the volume of death, clouds of necrotic gas gathered to form a lingering thin mist over the battlefield.

“A team managed to survive… this exceeds my expectations…”

At this time, a sigh abruptly rang out beside them.

“Who is it?”

A cluster of bright yellow light reminiscent of a massive dragon’s eye emerged before Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham’s eyes and floated towards them.

“It’s Holy Dawn Academy’s team?!”

Ayrin and the others couldn’t see who was hidden within the cluster of bright yellow light, but whoever it was, they were able to immediately recognize Ayrin’s group.

“To think that you youths also entered this place. Ah, forget it. Since...

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