Chapter 307: The Undead Bishop’s Strongest Skill

Chapter 307: The Undead Bishop’s Strongest Skill

In the wake of the bluish yellow mist, thousands upon tens of thousands of black shadows chaotically shot into the sky.

There were so many of them that the surging pillar of dark purple gas in the very center of the Evil Dragon Abyss was momentarily scattered.

A harsh ringing sound spread over the battlefield like a ripple in the water.

Upon hearing the discordant ringing, Ayrin immediately looked towards the Evil Dragon Abyss. “What are those?” he asked out loud as he watched the dense cluster of shadows hover in midair and begin to rotate, forming a dark, rotating cloud which was even wider than the pillar of dark purple gas.

“It’s some kind of bird… but how can it be possible for so many birds to emerge from the Evil Dragon Abyss?” Rinloran responded in shock as he too looked towards the distant Evil Dragon Abyss. Now that he had been baptised by Lunar Spring Essence, his vision far exceeded that of...

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