Chapter 306: Theft atop the Battlefield

Chapter 306: Theft atop the Battlefield

“What else can it be? Little Yellow must have found something good again. Look, its practically drooling,” Stingham said as he dispirited looked at Ayrin and the little yellow dragon.

“Then we…” Ayrin lowered his head and looked at the little yellow dragon with a pouch around its neck. It indeed seemed to be greatly salivating. Ayrin was extremely curious as to what could cause the little yellow dragon to feel this way, but at the same time, he was hesitant as they were currently not in a great condition to move; Stingham and Rinloran had both exhausted the vast majority of their arcane particles.

“Let’s go take a look first. Perhaps Little Yellow will be able to just steal it like it did with the Fractal Crystal.” Stingham combed his hair and said, “You two can hide in my thicket with me.”

Upon hearing Stingham’s suggestion, Rinloran felt somewhat speechless.

Meanwhile, the little yellow dragon began nodding fiercely as it looked at Stingham in a new light.

“But let me say this now. If we help you steal things, then you must be willing to lend these things...

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