Chapter 304: A Little Thief, the Draconic Language

Chapter 304: A Little Thief, the Draconic Language

“What’s going on?”

As Ayrin took the little yellow dragon out of his pocket, he abruptly froze in place.

The cute little dragon, with its saggy skin and plump belly, had found a completely transparent oval crystal and was currently trying its best to sink its teeth into it.

The crystal was extremely clear and contained no blemishes. It was covered by a layer of mysterious pink light and released strange, but faint, arcane energy fluctuations.

Oval shaped crystals were extremely rare because forcefully transforming a normal, multifaceted crystal into another shape would generally cause it to lose its effects.

“This fellow is already trying to eat another crystal?”

Stingham’s eyes abruptly widened as he saw the crystal, “Ayrin, when did you obtain a crystal like that? How come I’ve never seen it?”

“I never obtained a crystal like this though,” Ayrin replied in a perplexed manner.

“Could it be…” Stingham and Rinloran had the same realization as they simultaneously...

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