Chapter 303: An Agreement Between Two Monstrous Individuals

Chapter 303: An Agreement Between Two Monstrous Individuals


Jean Camus’s body flickered and reappeared beside one of the crystal figures.

That crystal figure immediately shattered and dispersed into countless disappearing particles.

The instant the crystal figure shattered, the stable arcane formation created by the crystal figures collapsed and four of the other five crystal figures abruptly shattered, only leaving behind Clayston’s true body. By this time, any crystallic brilliance radiating from his body had completely disappeared.

“Jean Camus, what domain is this?”

“Clayston’s arcane energy has completely disappeared without a single trace!”

Ayin and Rinloran couldn’t believe their eyes as they exchanged looks of disbelief.

At the current moment, it was clear that Jean Camus had invoked a domain due to the unique aura emanating from his body. But strangely, the domain seemed to be contained to a small area several meters wide around his body and was able to move with him.

Also at this moment, Ayrin and Rinloran were finally able to see...

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