Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses

Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses

As Jean Camus spoke, six figures shining with a crystallic brilliance appeared in the area where he looked.

“Is this Crystal Master Clayston?” Ayrin asked as he gazed at the six figures which were about ten meters apart from one another.

He quickly realized he couldn’t discern which one was the real body. Furthermore, the blinding brilliance they released prevented him from seeing their features.

“Stingham, which one is the real one?” Ayrin couldn’t help but asking Stingham, who had hidden himself.

“I can’t tell either,” Stingham replied, feeling somewhat annoyed.

In the presence of Jean Camus, who had beat him up so heavily, he didn’t want to speak at all.

It was fortunate that Jean Camus was acting as if he hadn’t seen Stingham. Otherwise, who knew what kind of humiliating act Stingham would do.

“The Treasured Book of Sealing?”

Clayston didn’t pay any attention to Jean Camus. Instead, all six crystal figures looked towards the Treasured...

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