Chapter 300: An Eyecatching Team

Chapter 300: An Eyecatching Team

The snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower had originally believed that he could instantly kill one or two of the youths before him, yet he was currently being pushed back by their vicious counterattack. Upon sensing the two arcane masters behind him break through his skill, a cold glint flashed through his eyes as he suddenly clasped his hands together and shrilly screamed, “Snake’s Rosary!”

A large number of arcane particles surged forth from his palms as he separated his hands.

Layer upon layer of yellow arcane energy condensed and piled up over his body.

“What is this arcane skill?”

“A snake-eye?”

Ayrin and the others watched on in shock as these layers of yellow arcane energy formed a snake’s eye. Standing in the middle, the Evil Dragon Follower seemed to complete it by being the eye’s narrow pupil.


The massive crystal-like snake eye construct with the Evil Dragon Follower within violently tore through the air as it shot towards Ayrin’s group like a meteor.

“What kind of strange arcane skill is this?!”


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