Chapter 299: Fighting as Three

Chapter 299: Fighting as Three

The dragon egg placed within his pocket seemed to have suddenly wriggled.

Startled, Rinloran quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I just felt the dragon egg given to me by the Nether Ice Flying Fish tremble,” Ayrin replied.

“It trembled? Then it’s about to hatch? No way! Isn’t that a little too fast?” Stingham and Rinloran were both stunned.

But before Ayrin could take out the dragon egg and take a look, the pale snake eyed Evil Dragon Follower had already finished preparing his skill as he shouted, “Limitless Pulse!”

A terrifying sound rang through the air as a white compression wave surrounded by countless white crystals of ice formed before the Evil Dragon Follower, who was still several hundred meters away, and tore through the sky towards Ayrin’s group.

“Even from so far away?”

“Careful! Using his skill from so far away, it’s as if he doesn’t think we can avoid it or doesn’t care if we try to. This skill, it must have some hidden secret,” Rinloran said sternly. “Look, it seems like it is attracted to our arcane energy fluctuations!”

“Let me deal...

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