Chapter 298: Truly Fighting as a Team for the First Time

Chapter 298: Truly Fighting as a Team for the First Time

A fat and short Evil Dragon follower inwardly screamed in frustration as he watched two figures burst out from a nearby thicket.

“Hat of Pain!”

The Evil Dragon Follower gnashed his teeth as he waved his still numb hands. A gray whirlwind formed before him and then peculiarly condensed into the form of a hat before shooting towards the two newly emerged figures.

But then, the Evil Dragon Follower’s eyes glazed over in disbelief once more.

Of the two figures who had burst forth from within the thicket, one was a boy with golden hair and the other was a tall female arcane master.

A look of frustration was present atop the golden haired boy’s face as he emerged. For some inexplicable reason, weeds and vines continuously wildly grew over him as he soared through the sky. Within just a few moments, he was entangled within a thicket once more.

Meanwhile, the female arcane master, whose face and body were mostly obscured, released an incredibly strange arcane energy fluctuation which seemed to contain… the aura of darkness?

“What the hell! I just escaped the thicket!...

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