Chapter 297: Charge, Brave Warriors!

Chapter 297: Charge, Brave Warriors!

“Hmmm? Stingham coincidentally managed to defeat an arcane master who snuck behind us?”

“Just what skill were they using? Even the Dark Queen Mermaid didn’t sense their presence!”

Only after the arcane master crashed to the ground unconscious did Ayrin and Rinloran finally realize their presence.

“Brave warrior Stingham, you did well! You are strong after all!” Ayrin praised Stingham as he raised his fist.

“Naturally. I am the most handsome!” Stingham replied as he combed through his hair, sending a pile of green grass falling onto the ground.

“Ayrin, let us charge forward and slaughter!” Rinloran abruptly cried out as he saw three Evil Dragon Followers encircle two leather armor wearing arcane masters of the Kingdom of Doa nearby.

Having been surrounded, the two arcane masters seemed to be out of other options as they constantly invoked defensive skills in the face of the bombardment of attacks launched by the three Evil Dragon Follo...

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