Chapter 296: An Attacking Thicket

Chapter 296: An Attacking Thicket

“Evil Dragon Follower!” Ayrin cried out as he immediately recognized the person’s dark purple robes.

“Flaming Evil Eye!”

Without any hesitation, Ayrin shot a Flaming Evil Eye towards the Evil Dragon Follower.

“They’ve opened at least four arcane gates!” Rinloran shouted. His expression slightly changed as arcane particles began to spew out from his body.

The arcane energy fluctuations radiating from this Evil Dragon Follower’s body were incredibly strong. They were undoubtedly stronger than they were.


But contrary to Rinloran’s expectations, the incoming Evil Dragon Follower let out a tragic cry as he failed to dodge Ayrin’s Flaming Evil Eye and fell from the sky, crashing into one of the giant black stones.

A trace of light flashed through Rinloran’s eyes as he made a realization and said, “He was already grievously injured.”


Right as Rinloran spoke, another arcane master appeared in the sky above them. But this one was wearing silvery white robes and had a layer of frosty mist around them.


This arcane master was clearly...

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