Chapter 295: Falling Onto the Battlefield

Chapter 295: Falling Onto the Battlefield

“Is your head truly filled with grass?!” Rinloran gasped as he saw the small yellow flower sprout atop Stingham’s head.

“Is that a real flower?” Ayrin cried out as he too stared at the yellow flower.

“How would I know?!” Stingham shouted in exasperation as he reached up with his hand and pulled at the small yellow flower.

“It is indeed real!” Ayrin exclaimed as Stingham successfully uprooted the flower, revealing its tender white roots.

“Just what is going on?!”

Tears streamed down Stingham’s face as he said sobbingly, “I must be on the verge of dying for flowers and vegetation are growing out of me!”

“You won’t die. These things did not grow out of your skull,” Lotton abruptly interrupted.

Stingham blankly looked at Lotton, “They… they didn’t grow out of my head?”

“You know what is going on?” Ayrin and Rinloran curiously looked at Lotton.

“Just like Rinloran, his bloodline has now been thoroughly awakened through the baptism of the Lunar Spring Essence,” Lotton motionlessly explained....

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