Chapter 294: The Special Lunar Spring Essence

Chapter 294: The Special Lunar Spring Essence

“Use the Lunar Spring Essence to create undead warriors?!” Rinloran’s eyes turned cold as ice. The Lunar Spring and Tree of Life were sacred objects for all elves. For the Undead Bishop to use such a method to create undead was complete sacrilege.

“So we are moving as soon as the undead dragon leaves?”

Stingham muttered, “I guess it really isn’t that dangerous then.”

“Indeed. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of Undead Bishop Tangwen are unknown. If he appears, then we will be in great danger,” Lotton replied.

“……” Stingham suddenly fell silent.

After drinking the water for several minutes, the massive undead dragon quickly flew away.

But upon listening carefully, the four of them and the Dark Queen Mermaid could still hear the sound of wind whistling in the distance. Although it was no longer visible to them, it was still patrolling nearby.

“Please don’t let us encounter Undead Bishop Tangwen, please don’t let us encounter Undead Bishop Tangwen,” Stingham prayed repeatedly.

The undead dragon came back to drink two more times before...

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