Chapter 293: Encountering the Undead Dragon

Chapter 293: Encountering the Undead Dragon

“These are the grounds of exile for captured arcane masters and Evil Dragon Followers who have failed their missions.” Lotton continued explaining without a hitch as he led the group into the labyrinth, “The Bishops also throw followers who they wish to train and temper in here. Due to the scarcity of resources, one must kill to survive here. That’s why there are so many bones scattered around.”

“However, they released everyone still alive a year ago. Thus, we should be fine passing through here.”

“There might not be any arcane masters, but surely there are still powerful beasts and monsters?” Stingham questioned as he wiped a cold sweat off his forehead. He was extremely cautious as he followed the others through the labyrinth. The corpses and skeletons which popped into his vision every few steps had scared him silly.

Furthermore, the black pillars and massive walls of black rock which partitioned the area all looked exactly the same, making it impossible for him to tell which direction was which.

“There shouldn’t be any. Any which did exist have long since...

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