Chapter 292: An Unthinkable Tribute

Chapter 292: An Unthinkable Tribute

Pa pa pa pa pa…

A series of explosions burst across Ayrin’s body as countless hail like clusters of dense white spit slammed into him.

Ayrin abruptly froze in place as the spit balls buffeted him and then flowed down his body.

As for the Nether Ice Flying Fish, they continued to splash in and out of the water around him.

“Like I said, only a madman would pass through here.”

Seeing the scene unfold before him, Stingham subconsciously rubbed his chin as he asked with sympathy, “Are you alright? It must hurt a lot.”

“Not really.” Ayrin scratched his head as he joyfully smiled, “It’s actually very comfortable.”

“Aren’t you acting a little too perverted?” Stingham exclaimed as he felt the urge to slam his face into the ground.

“Heh, come at me you little buggers!” Ayrin shouted as he provokingly waved his fist towards the Nether Ice Flying Fish dancing around him.

The flying fish were indeed quite weak. After using Dragon Scale Absorption, the spit balls felt like countless small hands giving Ayrin a massage as they hit his ...

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