Chapter 291: The Nether Ice Sea

Chapter 291: The Nether Ice Sea

“It worked!” Ayrin exuberantly cried out as he watched the domain around him get sucked into the book between his hands. Afterwards, he turned to Malcolm and asked, “Mister Malcolm, what does your domain do?”

“The rumors were true. He has actually managed to learn Liszt’s Holy Gate of Life,” Malcolm inwardly exclaimed. A complex look emerged in his eyes as he observed Ayrin and slowly replied, “Spiritual Wheel, Domain of the Lost forcefully restricts an opponent’s mind, making it more difficult for them to invoke and control their arcane skills. Some might not even realize they have fallen under the domain’s powers.”


“Yes! Furthermore, it will affect anyone, even if their mental strength is particularly strong or if they possess an artifact which defends against mental attacks. This is because the domain doesn’t accomplish this through attacking neurons, but through a special arcane energy enchantment.”

“So powerful!”

Ayrin’s face was full of admiration as he stared at Malcolm and said, “I didn’t expect for mister Malcolm...

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