Chapter 290: A Gift from Those Guarding the Boundary

Chapter 290: A Gift from Those Guarding the Boundary

“I wonder how the war is going… although blocking off escape routes is also extremely important, not being allowed to enter the core area of the Evil Dragon Followers and fight is just… I’m not afraid of death… why am I stuck here…”

In the central area of Fallen Shadow Valley, Malcolm sighed incessantly as he sat atop a rock beside the immense pillar of billowing dark purple gas.

This tall black haired man wore the uniform of Three Headed Dragon Academy. Indeed, he was one of Three Headed Dragon Academy’s elite teachers, and also a member of the Office of Special Affairs.

To an arcane master like him, fighting to the death in the midst of danger during a great war like this was true glory.


Observing the immense pillar of dark purple gas while standing beside it was incredibly different from observing it from afar.

From where Malcolm was sitting, he could clearly differentiate every particle and flame which formed the column.

The largest of these particles were the size of fists. As they surged out from within the abyss and collided with flames, they would continuously pop and split in all directions like soap bubbles.

The astonishing thing about these particles...

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