Chapter 287: Escaping Death, A Deal with the Death God

Chapter 287: Escaping Death, A Deal with the Death God

An immense, seemingly unstoppable, domain energy spread across the hall, completely immersing Ayrin, Stingham, RInloran, and the Dark Queen Mermaid within a sea of dark red light.

“What is this?!”

Drops of blood abruptly began to seep out from under their skin.

The domain was sucking out the blood within their bodies!

Field of Blood!

It was the unique bloodline skill of the Dark Elves!

Only a few seconds passed, yet Ayrin had already lost an enormous amount of blood as a mist of his own blood enveloped him.

Suffering such massive blood loss, Ayrin’s consciousness became blurry. He had no clue as to whether or not his shadow ball was still shooting towards the elder Allen Brother.

“It’s actually…”

“I can’t die like this…”

Rinloran felt a cold pervade through him as his body slowly stiffened.

He inwardly roared in resistance as thoughts flooded his mind.

Of the two powerful opponents before them, they had already managed to defeat one.

Ayrin had broken through...

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