Chapter 286: The Roar of Brave Warriors

Chapter 286: The Roar of Brave Warriors

“Brother, he’s really strange. How is he still able to exert such power?” the younger Allen Brother exclaimed as he watched the giant sphere of ice condense in midair.

He bent slightly forward and then propelled himself back first towards the sphere of ice.


Ayrin’s fist thunderously crashed into the sphere of ice.

The sphere of ice began to crack. But before it could completely fragment, the younger Allen Brother slammed into it, causing countless shards of ice to fly towards Ayrin.

Rip rip rip…

Ice blossomed across Ayrin’s body as he was heavily sent flying backwards.

The younger Allen Brother slowly stood up. His robes had been torn to shreds, revealing ten golden bone spines protruding from amidst the white fur on his back.

Ayrin’s final attack had also been defended against!

At this moment, Stingham let out a miserable cry as he too was sent flying and crashing into the ground a distance away.


The air within the hall abruptly trembled.

A fiery aura abruptly pervaded the...

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