Chapter 283: Release Domain, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s Transformation

Chapter 283: Release Domain, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s Transformation

Countless streaks of vine-like dark green light abruptly entangled Rinloran’s body.

Before Ayrin and Stingham could even react, a great pulling force had already begun pulling Rinloran towards the elder Allen Brother, who simply raised his right arm as if making a space for Rinloran to fit right in.

At the same time, the incomparably hideous, lightning covered lightning spirit finished emerging from the younger Allen Brother’s back.

A horrendous clacking sound filled the hall as the hideous spirit opened and closed it saliva filled mouth.

“Rinloran!” Ayrin shouted anxiously.

At this point, the golden shadow ball had fixated itself in the air beside him as he finished his preparations. But it was already too late for him to save Rinloran.

The invocation speed of the elder Allen Brother had just been too fast.

“Falling Moon Flower!”

Rinloran forcefully moved his left arm and grabbed the Moon Echo Saber tied to his back. His draw was so quick that the sapling of the Tree of Life in his left hand remained even when he loosened his grip to draw the saber.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! …

Countless streaks of transparent sword energy surged forth from his back as the Moon Echo Saber...

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