Chapter 281: Shocking Power

Chapter 281: Shocking Power

“What is this?”

Although the Dark Queen Mermaid’s current state was extremely pitiful, Ayrin’s attention was instead attracted to the fountain and the black branch floating over it.

He could clearly sense the abnormal aura of darkness emanating from the black water and trace it as it was then absorbed by the floating black branch and transformed into an even stranger and more profound aura.


Rinloran’s body violently shook as his icy mien suddenly became full of anger. His current expression was indescribably hideous.

“What is it?” Ayrin asked as he sensed Rinloran’s abrupt change.

“A fragment of the Tree of Life… they actually dared to befoul a fragment of the sacred and pure Tree of Life using a Fountain of Darkness! And then they used it to nurture dark creatures and undead!”

Rinloran’s strained voice seemed to be the most enraged and icy it had ever been.

“This is a fragment of the Tree of Life?”

Ayrin froze.

He couldn’t understand why Rinloran was so angry.

He didn’t...

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