Chapter 280: Land of Darkness, the Trapped Queen

Chapter 280: Land of Darkness, the Trapped Queen

The four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors shuddered.

The Dark Queen Mermaid was so terrifying and powerful, yet this golden haired youth dared to rush right at it and try to flirt with it?!

The Dark Queen Mermaid closely observed the fervent Stingham.

“Is that a look of deep affection?!” Stingham excitedly cried out.


But in the next moment, a faint green beam of light containing a considerable aura of darkness shot out from the Dark Queen Mermaid’s mouth towards Stingham.

“Ack!” Stingham cried out in misery as faint green flames enveloped his body and he was sent flying backwards.

“A fellow how can’t tell the difference between life and death. He actually wanted to flirt with the Dark Queen Mermaid.”

The expression of the Evil Dragon Follower who called himself Bowery abruptly turned a little brighter.

But in the next moment, the sound which was even more terrifying and mind numbing than the Dark Queen Mermaid’s aura of darkness rang out once more, “Beauty, your affection is too much! Even my skin can feel your fiery passion for me!”


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