Chapter 279: Mermaids! I Likey!

Chapter 279: Mermaids! I Likey!

Dawn approached, signalling that almost a day had passed since the Kingdoms of Eiche and Doa began their concerted assault on Fallen Shadow Valley.

The number of battles atop the vast and open plain of Fallen Shadow Valley had long since dwindled, as did the number of Devil Snake Trees roaming around. But for the arcane teams still present, this current situation where everyone was covering their tracks and setting traps did not bode well. A tense atmosphere descended over the valley.

Erected in the midst the branches of one of the few Devil Snake Trees which remained standing was a tent which seemed large enough to allow five people to rest at the same time.

The colors painted on the outer layer of the tent well matched the branches and leaves around it, camouflaging it well within. Even if it wasn’t still somewhat dark, one wouldn’t be able to see it unless it was right in front of them.

Although the Devil Snake Tree looked fine on the outside, it had indeed already died.

Within the tent, four arcane masters wearing tight leather armor sat in a circle.

From the leather armor they wore, as well as the rest of their attire, these four were not Evil Dragon...

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