Chapter 278: The Third Arcane Gate Beckons

Chapter 278: The Third Arcane Gate Beckons

“To be frank, every arcane team needs someone with extremely high defensive abilities to act as a meat shield. One which will never fall regardless of what is done to it. This kind of arcane master poses a great headache towards the opponent, forcing them to hesitate before engaging.”

“But for a high level Green Dragon Bloodline holder to take on this role is a little too wasteful, isn’t it?”

“It’s not like you guys don’t know Stingham. So what if he has a Green Dragon Bloodline, he is too lazy… I think it is most suitable for him to be our meat shield. He can bask in glory as he charges head first towards the enemy without a single care. And due to his dragon bloodline, his body can innately take a greater beating and also has...

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