Chapter 276: A Shocking Experiment and the Dragon Crystal

Chapter 276: A Shocking Experiment and the Dragon Crystal

“It is a human. Only, it knows the Parasitic Mutation skill.”

Figaro abruptly became dejected as he said, “I originally believed that I had succeeded as there were no issues immediately after I grafted these two dragon limbs onto its body. But several days ago, weakness suddenly completely pervaded its body. It didn’t have enough vitality to withstand the drugs I administered alongside the assault of foreign particles.”

“As for the dragon limbs, there are more than enough dragon corpses within the abyss of Fallen Shadow Valley for me to use.” Figaro continued, “You kids should be familiar with how even after dragons and six or seven gate arcane masters die, their bodies will remain intact due to the powerful arcane energies trapped within.”

“The legends were right. There are actually dragon corpses within this main campsite of the Evil Dragon Followers!” Ivan, Charlotte, and the others couldn’t help but exchange glances.

“How many days passed...

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