Chapter 274: Cursed to be Single Forever

Chapter 274: Cursed to be Single Forever

“That was the Evil Dragon King’s “Parasitic Mutation” skill. It allows an arcane master to infuse the powerful vitality of strong monsters and beasts into themselves, providing them with a large portion of the beast or monster’s power.

“Quentin managed to learn “Parasitic Mutation”. He was able to transform and fly away. No wonder he was acting so fearlessly atop this battlefield!”

“Stingham’s… Just what is that thing? It actually scared off Quentin!”

“What are you doing?! What is so terrifying? Come back and explain it to me!” Stingham bitterly cried out on the verge of tears.

“So this is Black Witch Jelly’s Lover’s Corpse, an infinite arcane armor…” Ferguillo’s quiet voice abruptly rang out, “Stingham, just where did you get this artifact from?”

“Ferguillo, do you know what this is?” Stingham asked blankly as he turned and looked at Ferguillo.

“I’ve heard about it before,” Ferguillo nodded.

“Hurry up and tell me!” Stingham exclaimed as he stepped forward and grabbed Ferguillo’s hand with tears coming out...

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