Chapter 273: Directly Scared Away

Chapter 273: Directly Scared Away

“Alright. Then we shall leave everything to you guys, Ferguillo,” Ayrin calmly said as he let out a breath of relief.

“Leave it to them?” the skinny Evil Dragon Follower sneered from amidst the four Heavy Evil Dragon Protectors. He was about to add something when he suddenly froze.

“Zzzz… zzzz…”

He watched as Ayrin immediately fell asleep and began to snore heavily.

“What kind of arcane master is he… he was able to fall asleep so easily in a situation like this?!” Juan inwardly exclaimed in disbelief.

“Yes, we will leave it to you.”

Rinloran nodded towards Ferguillo as he followed Ayrin’s lead and collapsed onto the ground like a corpse.

“How did I end up with teammates like this? The enemy is standing right before us, yet they have fallen asleep like dead pig!” Stingham shouted in annoyance.

Charlotte’s face immediately filled with black lines.

Stingham knew well that he had been carried over here by Ayrin and Rinloran, yet he still had the gall...

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