Chapter 272: A Reunion of St. Lauren’s Youngest Generation

Chapter 272: A Reunion of St. Lauren’s Youngest Generation

“I’m so tired, yet there is still something which dares to jump out and scare me,” Ayrin muttered as he collapsed butt first onto the ground.

Stingham, who was on Ayrin’s back, crashed to the ground as well.

“What’s going on? Just what happened? Where is this?”

Upon being dropped to the ground, Stingham, who had been deep asleep, finally opened his eyes and loudly shrieked as he saw the mess of a ghost town around him. The doors and windows of the pub-like buildings around him were all destroyed, and there were broken bottles and jars everywhere.

“You slept like a dead pig the entire trip, but now that we’ve arrived, you suddenly awaken? You didn’t do this on purpose, did you?” Rinloran cried out as he exhaustedly laid on the ground, every single particle of his body cramping.

But right at this moment, a wretched cry rang out, “You brats…!”

The figure who had been sent flying by Ayrin unsteadily stood up as a green light...

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