Chapter 271: A Suicidal Arcane Team?

Chapter 271: A Suicidal Arcane Team?

“Stingham, remember that our goal is to be the first ones to enter the assigned area! There are definitely a lot of good things there!”

“Stingham, make sure you do not go and purposefully mess with those trees!”

“Understood, haha!”

Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham were now approaching several of the towering Devil Snake Trees.

They watched as the Devil Snake Trees madly twisted and crawled and their fruits crashed into the ground in succession, causing large booms to reverberate across the plain as they split open to reveal their bloody maws. It looked like a layer of hell.

“Stingham! You!”

Although they had agreed to stay as far away from the trees as possible to try and avoid them altogether, upon seeing the Devil Snake Trees right before him, Stingham excitedly charged forward towards one, leaving Ayrin and Rinloran speechless.

“We will need to travel at least another half a day to reach the mission area. So let me see...

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