Chapter 268: The Start of a New Epic

Chapter 268: The Start of a New Epic

“Teacher Liszt!”

“Teacher Ciaran!”

“Teacher Carter!”

After following the vice-referee and his two assistants for quite a while, three familiar faces finally appeared within Ayrin’s vision as he broke out in excitement.



Another academy squad stood not far from Liszt, Ciaran, and Carter. It was only upon recognizing the short hair of Alaina, River Bend’s proclaimed captain, the Girl of Flames, did Ayrin realize it was one of River Bend Academy’s squads.

Standing beside Alaina was a long haired girl with white pupils, Shirley, the so called “Queen of Forms,” and a cute boy who seemed several years younger than Ayrin and the others, Residan, River Bend Academy’s genius freshman.

“You’ve arrived. Where’s Rui?”

“Is that not the ‘Moon Echo Saber’ of Abel Academy’s Gucci?”

Upon seeing Gucci’s sword hung over Rinloran’s back and noticing that Rui was missing, Liszt, Ciaran, and Carter were all quite surprised.

“On our way over, we were beset upon by Hanson, Nielson, and Konte....

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