Chapter 267: Kingdom of Evil

Chapter 267: Kingdom of Evil

“The fighting is already so fierce!”

Ayrin trembled in shock as he burst out of the Forest of Evil.

As he stood before the Path of Evil, he felt like a small, insignificant ant about to enter a giant anthill which was Fallen Shadow Valley.

Due to the fierce battles occurring atop the many Paths of Evil, the dark purple mist covering the valley had long since begun to stir and fluctuate violently.

As it continuously twisted into clusters of various shapes and sizes, the forest seemed to become filled with countless hideous monsters.


The moment Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham stepped forth onto the Path of Evil, they would enter the land known as Fallen Shadow Valley. As they continued to swiftly charge forward, they felt as if they had suddenly run headfirst into an incredibly mystical demonic world.

Countless storms of chaotic arcane energy surged as the horrific sound of glass shattering reverberated all around them.

The two person wide Path of Evil appeared and disappeared amidst the roiling dark purple mist and the fragmented images it created. At most, the three of them could only hazily see ten or so meters before them.

“The battles must...

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