Chapter 266: It Begins

Chapter 266: It Begins

Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the dark and densely packed forest full of evil aura, two figures, one tall and one short, exuding faint gray mist appeared beside Tiger Chen’s corpse.

Both figures wore the same dark gray arcane robes. Indeed, it was the extremely mysterious Allen Brothers.

“Big brother, there are traces of a necromantic skill around this corpse,” the younger Allen brother said in a gruff voice as his eyes swept over Tiger Chen’s corpse.

“There is someone who knows necromantic skills within Holy Dawn Academy’s team?”

The elder brother remained expressionless as he said, “Use Echo Sonar to scout around.”

“Okay, brother!”

The younger brother seemed soulless as he mechanically followed the elder brother’s command. A cluster of glowing arcane particles emerged in the younger brother’s right palm and then burst. A ring of invisible sound waves spread out and began to echo amongst the forest.

“It seems like they have already left, brother,” the younger...

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