Chapter 265: Time for a Robbery

Chapter 265: Time for a Robbery

“These fellows are even more terrifying than what we saw in the national tournament!”

Gucci panted heavily as his face became ugly.

His nickname, “Traceless Sword” came from his strange attacks which made it extremely difficult for his opponents to completely avoid them. But against Stingham, these attacks were completely useless.

After several rounds of attacks, the barrier of yellow light around Stingham was still there, but the arcane particles within his body were nearly exhausted.

“Come on! Put a little more into it! Perhaps you will be able to get rid of this zombie!”

Stingham’s nonchalant behaviour and excited expression made Gucci even more agitated.

Zzzt! Zzzt! Zzzt!

On the other side, streaks of green light descended from the sky. Upon hitting the ground, the green light immediately turned into a pool of green slime from which thorny plants quickly grew.

But not even one of Matteo’s attacks touched Rinloran as he swiftly moved around Matteo without attacking.

“He’s so fast… I can’t locate his actual position!”

“With his amplification artifact, he is even faster than during the national...

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