Chapter 264: Could You Hit Me Twice?

Chapter 264: Could You Hit Me Twice?


Upon hearing Ayrin and Stingham’s words as yet another one of them was injured, Lotner, Presley, and Courtland couldn’t help but spit another mouthful of blood in anger.

“Stop spitting blood. Your injuries aren’t that bad. Hurry and come help us take care of this Evil Dragon Follower!” Stingham gloatingly said as he chuckled in glee from the sight before him.

“Man, this Evil Dragon Follower was hiding in this giant mushroom right before you guys, yet you guys didn’t know? Are you guys blind or something?” Ayrin added.

“Wahahaha! I can’t. I can’t do it anymore.” Stingham abruptly burst out in laughter upon hearing Ayrin’s words as he shouted, “This group of idiots, I can’t keep this farce going.”

Lotner, Presley, and Courtland stared blankly at Ayrin and Stingham. Several moments later, they shouted in unison, “You guys did this on purpose, didn’t you?!”

“So what if it was on purpose? You are the ones pretending to be Evil Dragon Followers.” Stingham couldn’t even stand up straight as he continued...

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