Chapter 263: I Messed Up

Chapter 263: I Messed Up

“There is one hidden within a giant mushroom, one hidden behind a giant mushroom, and one hidden atop a tree.”

As Ayrin spoke, he drew on the ground to give Rinloran and Stingham a clear idea of where the three Abel College arcane masters dressed as Evil Dragon Followers were situated.

“There is one within the mushroom?”

Stingham’s mouth formed an ‘o’ as he observed Ayrin’s simple and roughly drawn map and asked, “Ayrin, are you sure you didn’t see wrongly?”

“I also thought it was strange,” Ayrin replied as he scratched his head. “It seemed like the fellow entered through an opening, but there are no marks or anything on the outside of the giant mushroom.”

“It should be some kind of concealment skill.” Rinloran looked at Ayrin as he quietly suggested, “My old elf clan had a skill like this which allowed one to hide within trees.”

“Isn’t it perfect for sleep then?” A look of envy filled Stingham’s face.

“You idiot! You are still thinking of running away and finding somewhere to sleep? Has the metal zombie within your body stopped...

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