Chapter 262: Scoundrels Encountering Scoundrels

Chapter 262: Scoundrels Encountering Scoundrels

The majority of necromancers in the history of Doraster were evil existences, and thus they were scorned by all.

This was mainly due to how most necromantic skills relied on using the corpses of giant beasts and arcane masters. The extraction and transformation of something else’s energy and putting it to one’s own use was like stealing money from another’s purse instead of making money by oneself. And like money, one’s greed would grow as they gained, resulting in necromancers who only killed others to gain power instead of training.

Killing others and obtaining their strengths for oneself was like taking drugs. Once tasted, many necromancers were simply unable to prevent themselves from continuing to fall down the evil abyss.

But in Rinloran’s eyes, the talented Ayrin, who enjoyed bitter training so much, wouldn’t fall like so many others even if he was given a scepter which allowed him to control an army of skeletons.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ayrin, Rinloran, and Stingham swiftly flew through the darkness of the...

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