Chapter 261: Birth of a New Holy Dawn Evil Six

Chapter 261: Birth of a New Holy Dawn Evil Six

“Let me go! Just who the hell are you?!”

Tiger Chen seemed to be on the verge of crying as arcane particles wildly spewed out from his feet and he desperately tried to kick Stingham off.

“Yes! Just like that, brave warrior!”

However, the surge of arcane particles around Stingham only made him more excited as he hugged Tiger Chen’s legs even tighter and replied, “Hi, I am Stingham.”

“Scram for me!”

Tiger Chen’s body trembled as countless black bats suddenly flew out from the shadows of the dark forest beside him.

There was a loud boom as he finally managed to send Stingham flying away.

But right as he freed himself, he found himself suddenly entangled by a green vine which had quietly snuck up on him from the grass behind him.


Tiger Chen didn’t even have time to use any defensive arcane skills as the chittering swarm of black bats overran him.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

Tiger Chen watched as a demonic fireball shot towards him. There was an explosion, and then he no longer felt anything.

“Success!” Ayrin excitedly shouted as he emerged from the dense forest’s cover.

The three of them had managed to defeat strong opponents in Tiger Chen and Otto at...

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