Chapter 259: The Most Embarrassing Arcane Master in History

Chapter 259: The Most Embarrassing Arcane Master in History

After moving for a while, Ayrin abruptly stopped, arcane particles surging out from his body.


A ring of white light flashed in front of him and then disappeared into the ground like a ripple in the water.

“What are you doing Ayrin? Where is the enemy?” Stingham quietly asked as he looked around.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! …

Several more rings of white light appeared around Ayrin and also descended into the ground.

“This is Grasping Bone. It’s one of our Holy Dawn Academy’s ambush trap skills.” A glint flickered through Rinloran’s eyes as he realized that Ayrin was setting up for an ambush.

“Let us withdraw for now. The enemy is about to arrive.”

After consecutively setting up several Grasping Bone traps, Ayrin immediately issued a command and quickly withdrew back into the forest.

“They’re coming!”

The three had just barely hidden themselves under the vines hanging from a giant nearby tree when they abruptly heard the faint sounds of many footsteps.

“So many Evil Dragon Archers!”

Rinloran’s heart rapidly thumped against his chest as about a dozen strangely dressed archers emerged...

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