Chapter 258: Arrival! Encountering an Evil Dragon Archer Team

Chapter 258: Arrival! Encountering an Evil Dragon Archer Team

“How are we still not there?! And where are all of the Evil Dragon Followers at?”

“Can you lower it, you idiot. Do you have a death wish?!”

“I’m too tired. I can’t run anymore.”

“We should be nearing the Path of Evil by now, right?”

In the depths of the untouched and wild Southam Demon Forest, three blurry figures quickly advanced. Suddenly, the three figures darted into a mist covered forest of giant firs and stopped as they dropped to the ground and panted unceasingly.

From a bird’s eye view, beyond this giant fir forest was a sunken mountain valley covered with large clusters of shrubs and prickly brambles and then yet another untouched forest of giant, umbrella-like trees. Only these trees were even older, and half of them had died from natural causes. Nonetheless, every tree was covered with green vegetation and fauna. Countless vines hung across, causing the trees to seem interwoven with each other.

These two giant forests acted like walls for the valley within, which...

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