Chapter 257: A Completely Transformed Stingham

Chapter 257: A Completely Transformed Stingham

No one moved to pull the metal zombie off of Stingham.

“Teacher Rui, what is this thing?”

Rinloran furrowed his brows as he observed the scene before him. He could feel the violent arcane energy fluctuations pulsing from the metal zombie as it hugged Stingham. It was undoubtedly more powerful than Stingham.

“It is very strange. I’m afraid our Holy Dawn Academy doesn’t have any records of anything like it.”

Rui concentrated as he too observed the zombie armor. As he slowly extended his hand, a faint light emerged from his palm and descended over Stingham.

A loud pop rang through the room as a yellow light abruptly flashed atop the metal zombie and the faint light was completely torn apart.

“It is indeed a defensive artifact.”

A look of shock emerged within Rui’s eyes as he continued, “So peculiar… it seems like someone’s materialization, yet it is able to be used by another person without a problem.”

“So it’s like Stingham has received an external defensive materialization?” Jano and Christine simultaneously exclaimed as they exchanged...

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